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Boutique Corporate Finance Firms

Boutique corporate finance firms: ensuring personal and professional support

Unique among boutique corporate finance firms, we offer an investment brokering service to businesses and entrepreneurs. Matching active investors with companies seeking investment is at the heart of what we do. If you’re not sure where to start in the often impersonal and confusing corporate finance environment, we can provide guidance, advocacy and a bit of personality.

What is a boutique corporate finance firm?

Compellor provides a personal service to entrepreneurs and business owners looking to secure investment. With our support you can reach the next stage of business growth and success.

We may be small but we are perfectly-formed – our extensive knowledge and experience of both sides of investment relationships, the investors and the companies seeking investment, means we are adept at making the right introductions at the right time.

Our network includes family offices, angel investors, angel investment groups, high net worth individuals, venture capitalists, and corporate investors. We can recommend the most effective route to the investment market and match the size of the investment you are seeking to the right type of investor. Our working process is designed to increase the chances of a successful deal.

How can your boutique corporate finance business help me secure investment?

We manage every aspect of your investment journey from fact-finding to investor introductions, initial meetings to negotiations, due diligence to final deal. Here’s how:

  1. Fact-finding meetings
  2. Articulating your investment opportunity
  3. Producing an Investors’ Pack
  4. Matching you with potential investors
  5. Arranging investor meetings
  6. Managing interest and negotiations
  7. Keeping due diligence on track
  8. Signing the deal

Why choose Compeller as our boutique corporate finance team?

Working with us:

  • ensures access to an active network of investors
  • frees up your time to manage your business
  • drives competition among funders and investors
  • avoids the process getting bogged down at any stage
  • adds credibility and seriousness to your ask
  • provides a unique matching service at an affordable fee
  • ensures friendly collaboration from pitch to deal

Do you want to be investment ready and access financial investment? Get in touch using the form below and we’ll arrange an initial consultation.

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