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First Corporate Finance Advisors

First Corporate Finance Advisors: Securing Professional Investment Support

We are first corporate finance advisors, working with seed-stage, early-stage and expansion-stage businesses to broker investment relationships with family offices, angel investors, angel investment groups, high net worth individuals, venture capitalists, and corporate investors.

With extensive experience gained during our previous employment with one of the ‘big four’ accountancy firms, we are well-placed to provide everything you’d expect from a corporate team but at an affordable price and with a personal touch.

Benefits of working with Compellor, first corporate finance advisors

The corporate finance marketplace is crowded with entrepreneurs so you need a competitive advantage. Let Compellor be your advantage.

Working with Compellor delivers the following benefits:

  • ensures access to our active network of investors
  • frees up your time to manage your business
  • drives competition among funders and investors
  • avoids the process getting bogged down at any stage
  • adds credibility and seriousness to your ask
  • provides a unique matching service at an affordable fee
  • ensures friendly collaboration from pitch to deal

How can Compellor help you secure first corporate finance?

We bring our understanding of your business together with our understanding of investors. The Compellor investment network has been built up over many years and our investors appreciate our professional introductions.

Here’s our promise to entrepreneurs and business owners looking for their first tranche of corporate finance.

  • We continually grow our network of active investors
  • We work closely with you to best capture your investment proposition
  • We will only broker investment relationships with a high chance of success
  • We will provide guidance, advocacy and honesty at every stage

Key questions to consider as you seek corporate finance for the first time:

Have I got the time and skills to secure funding or do I need professional support?

What’s my investment proposition and will investors understand it?

What size of investment is right for my business?

Which types of investor are right for my investment?

What do investors need to know to seek an initial meeting?

Can I manage negotiations and due diligence or do I need professional guidance?

If you want to be investment ready and access financial investors, please get in touch using the form below and we’ll arrange an initial consultation.

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