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Our expertise lies in seeing corporate finance deals from both key perspectives

Our Expertise

All of our learning from our time with a ‘big four’ accounts firm is now being applied to the dynamic and entrepreneurial SME marketplace

Matching companies seeking investment with investors seeking opportunity is our simple but compelling proposition.

Working with us secures multiple benefits:

Securing funding for your business can be a time-consuming and often baffling process. Our expertise enables us to add clarity and formality to your investment proposition, giving you a professional edge without a crippling fee.

The breadth of our sector experience is complemented by an excellent understanding of the business lifecycle. We understand the dynamics underpinning an early-stage requirement for investment, and we are committed to helping you secure funds for business growth and future success.

  • frees up your time to manage your business
  • drives competition among funders and investors
  • avoids the process getting bogged down at any stage
  • adds credibility and seriousness to your ask
  • provides a unique matching service at an affordable fee
  • ensures friendly collaboration from pitch to deal

Our Investor Network

The flip side of our expertise lies in creating productive and enduring working relationships with a broad range of investors. Our network includes family offices, angel investors, angel investment groups, high net worth individuals, venture capitalists, and corporate investors.

By cultivating these professional connections, Compellor can recommend the most effective route to the investment market. We are also experienced and proficient in matching the size of the investment to the right type of investor, further increasing the chances of a successful deal.

For instance, angel investors fit well with early-stage businesses whilst their groups can offer a quicker route to multiple investment prospects. Corporate investors looking after large funds on behalf of the government, big pension funds or insurance companies are often seeking industry-specific investment opportunities, and we can help you navigate their rules and requirements.

Our clients say...

Greg Allsopp – Venturian Group UK

“Mick has an excellent network and understands our fund requirements. This has resulted in us being introduced to good potential opportunities to fund and relevant co-investment partners. Mick understands the sort of information and messages investors will need to make an evaluation of a business and his opportunities always come ready to address these points.…

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Jonny Sharp – Mercia

“Mick’s clients are always well prepared and present strongly at investor meetings allowing us to make the best use of time and focus on the pertinent points when considering an investment. Information shared is concise and of high quality. Mick clearly understands our requirements as a fund and has a strong network of other investors…

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