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“I know a number of companies who took funding from an investor when no advice was available, and they felt that it was their only option. These founders have now had to abandon the company due to differences of opinion with the investor. We work to ‘match make’ companies with appropriate investors so that this does not happen”

Mick Morris - Director, Compellor

The Compellor vision

Our mission and values

Equity funding is a complex and competitive marketplace with lots of entrepreneurs looking to move forward with investor backing

The Compellor vision

Combining the right investor and the right opportunity is the best possible way to help innovative and ambitious companies flourish

Our vision is to provide a service to those companies which are bringing innovation and excitement to incumbent industries. We can provide ‘big four’ expertise to entrepreneurs at an affordable fee. We work to ensure that the investment needed for our clients is accessible and clearly understood. Our support is personal, professional and affordable.

The Compellor mission

Our niche service is underpinned by core values:

Knowledge sharing

Bringing the advantages of our knowledge and experience to your deal. We have worked closely with all stakeholders involved and can therefore comfortably guide you through all stages of the process. Our understanding of investors, investment cycles, and regional considerations means we can clearly and concisely present all options available to you.

Affordable professionalism

We left the ‘big four’ environment to service a new market of SMEs and entrepreneurs at a cost that is affordable without compromising on professionalism. Transparent fees and open discussions around fee settlement are a key part of our initial conversations.

Personal service

Compellor works to personalise and demystify the equity funding process. At a time when business owners most need help, they often find themselves in a formal, corporate maze that sits outside of their understanding and skill set. We become your intermediaries, advocates and trusted partners. We’re here to help you navigate the process and to free you up to focus on your business.

Relationships with longevity

Equity fundraising is a huge business decision and we offer friendly guidance at every step. The initial investment journey can take anywhere between 6 and 12 months and therefore requires a confident and competent guiding hand. We believe in collaboration and building the right framework of support for you and your business over the long-term. We also stand by the longevity of our relationships with investors. Those relationships are testament to the success of our unique and personal approach to matching investors with appropriate and timely investment opportunities.

Honesty and transparency

Raising equity finance is not a guarantee, but we will put you in the best position to succeed. We will provide an honest appraisal of your prospects of securing funds based on our knowledge of the investors and your company characteristics. You may be looking to grow more rapidly or looking to resource a sound idea or service, in all cases we commit to transparent communications with investors. Ensuring positive relationships with each member of our network heightens your chances of investment success.

Our clients say...

Greg Allsopp – Venturian Group UK

“Mick has an excellent network and understands our fund requirements. This has resulted in us being introduced to good potential opportunities to fund and relevant co-investment partners. Mick understands the sort of information and messages investors will need to make an evaluation of a business and his opportunities always come ready to address these points.…

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Jonny Sharp – Mercia

“Mick’s clients are always well prepared and present strongly at investor meetings allowing us to make the best use of time and focus on the pertinent points when considering an investment. Information shared is concise and of high quality. Mick clearly understands our requirements as a fund and has a strong network of other investors…

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