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Working alongside you and your business

Our Approach

Helping you to navigate the complex and constantly changing mix of investor opportunities available to entrepreneurial and innovative companies.

Whether you are looking to launch your business or move on to the next stage of growth, we can introduce you to a hand-picked selection of investors. Contact us.

Overview of the process

Fact finding – this is the initial phase, in which we meet you and develop an understanding of your business. You’ll find out about us and how we can help. A series of meetings enables us to complete a fuller business profile and to get to know your proposition to funders and investors.

What is the investment? – it can be hard for companies to articulate their investment opportunity. We are here to help you distil down and explain to investors what your proposition is in Layman’s Terms. The more understanding, the more power we have to advocate on behalf of your company.

Investor document production – this document is the cornerstone of your initial pitch to potential funders. Its production is a collaborative process and we work with you to present information about your company, idea, product or service, history, management structure and team, growth plans, financials, and the market context.

Investor matching – this process starts simultaneously with the document production but formal introductions are not made until the pack is ready. The investor shortlist is agreed with you and you can add your own contacts or any previously interested parties, redirecting their interest through our professional channels.

Initial investor meetings – these only take place in the case of genuine interest from investors. We handle the logistics, co-ordinate diaries, manage client preparation, and share our research on who the investors are and their previous investment record. We lead the meetings, which ensures they are informal and relaxed with high-quality introductions. Extracting best value for both parties is the aim of these meetings but we will intervene to deal with any issues that need delaying and to avoid pre-emptive questions that will be addressed later in the process.

Managed negotiations – once initial interest is confirmed, further meetings will occur internally at the funder/investor end. This can be a simple or contrived internal process and we offer a window into what’s happening so you can concentrate on your business while we monitor and manage. Managing multiple interests and ensuring they remain live even if one interested party has a longer timeline to decision than others is a key part of this support phase.

Due diligence – once interest is converted to offers, we guide you through the due diligence process. Investment teams will get busy gathering evidence and ensure everything in the initial pack is correct. Independent companies will be engaged at this point to check financials and all claims made. We offer project management of other professionals on both sides of the deal – lawyers, tax accountants, due diligence advisors etc – to keep communication on track. We can also help to demystify the legal documents.

Our clients say...

Greg Allsopp – Venturian Group UK

“Mick has an excellent network and understands our fund requirements. This has resulted in us being introduced to good potential opportunities to fund and relevant co-investment partners. Mick understands the sort of information and messages investors will need to make an evaluation of a business and his opportunities always come ready to address these points.…

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Jonny Sharp – Mercia

“Mick’s clients are always well prepared and present strongly at investor meetings allowing us to make the best use of time and focus on the pertinent points when considering an investment. Information shared is concise and of high quality. Mick clearly understands our requirements as a fund and has a strong network of other investors…

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